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Creative design is the impetus behind all of my pictorial quilts, paintings, and artistic innovations. Inspired bynature and culture, the unity of form, shape, texture, color, and light in my work is always met with thoughtful curiosity, wonder, and awe. Whether it is through a window of simple mastery and magnificence, or through a curtain of metaphor and optical illusion, my work satisfies customer’s appetite for originality, creativity, beauty, and perfection.
I was born by the rays of sun in a far-away land. I was raised by hands full of love and grace. In these pieces I revealed some of my most intense preoccupations. Each work represents a kind of deep secret. As I work, I smile, weep, pray, and at all moments, feel a burning passion of love for those who have painted my life with their souls. We women, like threads from a seam of rotten cloth, hold the world together. I came to the United States in my youth and since then I sew my days on fabric and paper.

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